History of our CNC Machine & Fabrication ShopCheckered Past was established in 1999 to provide high quality products to a wide range of customers. We manufacture parts from one piece prototypes to production runs in the thousands. We manufacture parts of all sizes and materials, including exotic metals like titanium, magnesium, and inconel.

Checkered Past has developed strong customer relationships within the motorsports industry. Customers in this industry demand high quality products and quick turn-around times. Checkered Past has excelled in this market due to its knowledge and commitment to quality. We have become well known for our ability to manufacture high performance suspension parts. These products require consistency and Checkered Past has a reputation of meeting and exceeding our customers demands. We also have a long history of manufacturing 3D prototype molds for well known composite companys.

Checkered Past takes pride in all the products that we manufacture. Our number one priority from day one was quality and that still holds true today.